Having a special event to attend can be exciting to look forward to but can be stressful at the same time as you try to determine how to get the perfect polished look.  Figuring out what to wear is usually the biggest task but then you’ve also got to figure out hair, makeup, and nails. If you lead a casual lifestyle, finding guidance from where to shop or how to apply makeup may be difficult.  Whether it’s a wedding, class reunion or a retirement party, we want to look a little more spiffed up especially if we’re going to encounter people we haven’t seen in a while.

Here are some tips to get you looking more polished and pretty for any event:

  1.  Skincare:  See an esthetician if you want to get significant improvement in your skin. Results take time and a good home care routine is a must to sustain treatment room results.  This would be a good opportunity to get on a routine schedule for brow shaping and other waxing services if needed.  Waxing services should be done a week before an important event and never done the day of (especially if you’ve never had waxing done before). Start your skincare treatments 3-6 months before your event.
  2. Hair, Makeup, Nails:  If you don’t have your hair done regularly, set up a consultation with a stylist at least 3 months in advance to go over cut, style and color options. Find pictures of what you like and don’t like to show the stylist. Try to have a few follow up appointments so the stylist gets familiar with your hair and can make any necessary adjustments before your scheduled event.  Your stylist or esthetician can assist you with makeup decisions by helping you select what you need or provide a lesson on application techniques. If you need to have hair and makeup professionally done, reserve your time as soon as possible if your event is to take place around prom, graduation or wedding season as salons book in quickly for these events.  Attention is in the details and this is where a nail tech comes in for manicures and pedicures. Gel polishes are popular due to their durability but if you’d prefer not to have nail polish, nails can be trimmed, filed and buffed. Nail services are usually performed the day before events because event days are usually busy and this will be one less appointment for the day.
  3. Wardrobe:  The most important part of what you wear is what you wear underneath.  Invest in a good bra and Spanx.  Even if you are on the slender side, clothing will drape the body better creating a sleeker silhouette.  Lifting “the girls” elongates the waist and minimizes the appearance of slouching forward. Most lingerie departments and shops do fittings and assist with proper style.  Shopping for the perfect dress or outfit can be an overwhelming chore. If you don’t like shopping, try doing a google search of fashion bloggers (type in over 30, 40, 50 fashion bloggers, petite fashion bloggers, curvy fashion bloggers). These are not models but real women with all body types pulling together outfits.  They include links to all their clothes, shoes and accessories to make online ordering easy or for searching a nearby store.

Schedule all the necessary appointments leading up to the event on a calendar.

Include times to go shopping and get fitted for undergarments too.  This will help you stay committed and on task. Being organized helps from becoming overwhelmed and you might actually find more time in your schedule because things were not being put off. Above all, enjoy your celebrations and the time leading up to it!