Are you a little lost on how to handle your sensitive skin and anti-aging?  One question I’m frequently asked is: “My skin is so sensitive! I cannot use Vitamin C or Retinol, what can I do to prevent fine lines and wrinkles?

Vitamin C and Retinol has its place but it’s not for everyone. When I’m working with a sensitive skin condition, I look to find out what’s behind the sensitivity.  Not enough water intake (dehydration), dietary sensitivities/allergies, home care products, neglect and medication can weaken the barrier of the skin.  My first approach is to calm, hydrate and protect/repair the skin….then correct.  For some, after incorporating some corrective work, the skin becomes stronger and less reactive to active ingredients for anti-aging benefits.

As an alternative, I turn to bioavailable peptides.  Beneficial for all skin types, peptides provide cell communication to correct what’s out of balance in the skin. Once this balance is achieved, the skin appears more vibrant and youthful.

In the treatment room my favorite method of exfoliation are enzyme masks.  They provide gentle exfoliation and hydration to the skin.  Other non-invasive methods to rejuvenate the skin are LED light therapy and Microcurrent:

LED Light Therapy:  LED stimulates skin cells to increase production of elastin and collagen.  It’s also beneficial with wound healing, calming redness and plumping skin tissue. It’s not only good for anti-aging, but for acne and other skin conditions.

Microcurrent:  This treatment involves a mild electrical current to lift and tone tired facial muscles. This modality also has the ability to penetrate beneficial serums further into the skin and combines well with LED light therapy. Services and Rates

A skincare pro can be of great value to customize home care and treatment options that’s unique to YOU and your skin!