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What To Do For A Polished Look

Having a special event to attend can be exciting to look forward to but can be stressful at the same time.  Figuring out what to wear is usually the biggest task but then you've also got to figure out hair, makeup, and nails. If you lead a casual lifestyle, finding...

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Product Diversion and Skin Health

Years ago it was easy to recognize a professional product brand as it was sold exclusively by licensed professionals.  Now the line has blurred and professional products are being sold in the mix of drugstore brands, big box stores and online.... legally and...

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Signs of sun damage and how to prevent it

Here in the Northeast we are finally getting some summer weather and with that we need to pay attention to protecting our skin from sun damage. Signs of sun damage One of the firsts signs of sun damage usually begins with the uneven appearance of skin tone.  Most...

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