Cancellation Policy/Missed Appointments/Late Arrival

24 hour advance notification is required to reschedule or cancel appointments.  If an appointment is forgotten or cancelled at the last minute, a full payment fee will be due for the missed scheduled service.  If the appointment is from a package series, the missed appointment will be subtracted from the series. 

If you arrive late for your appointment it will be determined if your service can be modified or need to be rescheduled.  Full payment is still expected.

To provide the best service possible and to avoid being distracted, please arrive alone to your appointment.  Extra guests are not permitted to be in the treatment room with you nor are they able to wait inside the building for you due to Covid-19 social distancing restrictions.  Please make arrangements prior to your appointment for young children needing supervision.

For Virtual Consultation Policies, please scroll down.

Services and Rates

A mask must be worn for all services.  For facial services, a scaled down mask that fits snug around the nose and mouth is permitted.  One can be provided for you or you can bring your own with these guidelines in mind. 

Please refrain from indoor/outdoor tanning, exfoliation and retinols for at least 72 hours before services. Certain medications or health conditions may be contraindicated for certain services therefore your facial or waxing service will need to be modified or avoided.

Microcurrent:  Face Lifting and Sculpting

Microcurrent works at a deep level to revive tired skin and sagging muscles.  Using metal wands to lift the skin, a mild pulse of electricity is being passed to firm and tone facial muscles.  This treatment is non-invasive and painless with no down time.  Results are noticeable after just 1 treatment.  For optimal results a series of 10-12 treatments performed once or twice a week are recommended then once a month thereafter.  Customized package series available. 

Some health conditions may be contraindicated for this service such as pacemakers, blood clotting issues, cancers, and metal implants in the face/neck area (tooth implants are acceptable)

  • $150   Single Session
  • $65    Single area treatment:  Targets area of concern such as eye area, lip area or forehead lines



Advanced Facial Massage

$135     (90 min.)         

Tension in the face and neck can present itself as a tight jaw, furrows on the forehead, 11’s between the eyes and bands on the neck.  This tension restricts the proper flow of lymph fluid.  When the lymphatic system becomes stagnant in the face, the complexion loses its glow.  Advanced Facial Massage focuses on releasing and relaxing this tension at a deeper level to improve the integrity of the skin.  Modifications will need to be made with fillers or botox.

 Benefits include:

  • Reduces puffiness
  • More contour to jawline and cheekbones
  • Improvement in skin tension
  • Smoothes fine lines and softens wrinkles
  • Relaxing and calming to the nervous system
  • Releases toxins contributing to dark under eye circles and puffiness
  • Glowing skin
  • Relief from jaw tension



Acne Clearing Program

For those who are serious about clearing and controlling acne, this program is an alternative to medication to help manage inflammation and breakouts.  It requires commitment to dietary and lifestyle modifications along with dedication to home care routine. Modifications will be made for those who are on prescription medicine, pregnant or nursing.  This program is not suited for those who are taking Accutane/Isotretinoin. 

  • $130   Consultation with treatment 60-75 min.
  • $80     Follow up treatment 45-60 min.


Customized Facials

Facials are customized to your skincare needs.  After a professional cleansing and skin analysis, the method of exfoliation and corrective peptides will be determined. A relaxing massage/lymphatic drainage follows and a hydrating mask finishes the treatment.


  • Signature Facial  $85  (60 min.)
  • Deluxe Signature Facial  $95  (60 min.)

The Signature Facials renew your skin as it calms, hydrates and repairs the outer barrier.  A perfect choice for a relaxation treatment, first time facial clients or for those with sensitive skin. The Deluxe Signature is for those that need a deeper exfoliation and extractions. 

Add on 30 minutes of extra pampering to your hour:  $35

Corrective Facial  $120  (60 min.) 

This facial is an in depth treatment to address signs of aging, pigmentation issues or clogged pores.  Modalities such as ultrasonic, micro-current, and LED light therapy may be utilized for product penetration and skin enhancement.

Add on 30 minutes of extra pampering to your hour:  $35



Rapid results Facial  (30 min.) 

$58 Basic

$68 Peptide Infusion

This facial is designed for those that want great skin but don’t have time for a full treatment.



Comfort Care

Comfort Care is for someone that needs some TLC to ease stress and anxiety associated with cancer treatments.  Treatments are for relaxation purposes only.

Comfort Care Facial  $65  (45 min.)  A skin soothing and relaxing facial that provides relief to dry, sensitive skin associated with cancer treatments.  All products are oncology approved to help maintain the integrity of the skin while undergoing treatment.

Virtual Consultation / In Office Consultation

$50 (30-45 min.)

Virtual Consultations (due to insurance policies, this service is available to Maine residents only)

Virtual Consultations are available for those who are immunocompromised or are apprehensive about receiving services but need assistance resolving issues with their skin. 

An intake form will need to be filled out (just like when you are having a first time in office treatment) prior to scheduling and receiving the consultation along with a $25 non-refundable deposit.  This deposit holds your space for the appointment and to the time spent reviewing your intake form,  your current skincare products and medicines/diet.

If you need to reschedule a Virtual Consultation, please allow 48 hours notification.  If your notification is received within the 48 hour timeframe, your deposit may be transferred to the next scheduled time (one time only) as long as it’s rescheduled at the time of cancellation or within 2 days of cancelling. 

If appointments are not promptly (within 2 days) rescheduled after cancelling within the 48 hour timeframe, are cancelled more than once or are cancelled with less than 48 hours notification, another deposit will be required to schedule another appointment. 

In Office Consultations

In office consultations are an in person meeting where we go over the intake form just like before receiving a facial treatment. Please bring what you are currently using on your skin. Upon discussion and skin analysis, a home care treatment plan will be outlined for you.




$70 (60 min.)

Reiki energy work helps bring the body, mind and essential sense of well-being back into balance. Reiki is beneficial with pre and post operative care, pain management, stress management and so much more.

Waxing and Other Enhancements

  • Brows:  $20     (with brow tint $38)  (with lash tint $40)
  • Lip or Chin:  $15
  • Brows and Lip:  $33
  • Brows/Lip/Chin:  $40
  • Full Face:  $38    (with brow waxing $53)
  • Bikini: $35
  • Half leg $40/Full leg: $60+
  • Lash Tint  $25
  • Brow Tint  $20
  • Lash/Brow Tint Combo $40








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